• Matt

It's been a wild ride, but it's worth it!

I started this window cleaning business as a result of my employer not paying me for 3 months (I'm still waiting..).

It's not been easy, specially at the beggining when you are just starting. Finding customers and making a reputation, getting reviews, and not earning enough to make a living was the hardest part, the first 3 months it's a test of faith, you have to believe you will make it and put the effort and the energy in.

Buying all the equipment for Water fed pole window cleaning wasn't cheap. I mean, you can buy the basics or go for the cheapest equipment you can find, but your shoulders and your back will pay for it later.

After 8 months of window cleaning consistently, I can say it's definetely worth it! It takes a while yes, you won't earn much for the first 3-4 months. But it's all on you how quickly and how much sacrifice you put into it. I can also say, it's the happiest I have been with a job managing your hours, no one micro managing what you do or what you don't do, having the self esteem that you deserve as a worker and seeing it reflected on your pay at the end of the month it is a huge achievement. I have had many jobs in the past... I have been a Nurse, a Salesman, an account manager, an Administrator... even tried Mcdonald's for 3 weeks (Worst working 3 weeks of my life) but after trying being self employed, nothing beats it!

So if you are considering following your passion, your hobby, or you just HATE your job, go for it! Learn a trade that you think you will enjoy and do it! After a few months I can tell you, you won't regret it!


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